Add Some Spring Vibes to Your Outfit With This Urban Outfitters-Inspired Dress Hack

When I came across this Kimchi Blue dress on Urban Outfitters’s website, I felt totally inspired. This mini dress has the perfect color combination and that wear-anywhere appeal that speaks to my heart. I mean, who doesn’t love a pastel dress that can be worn at every event?
I had this ASOS Maternity Ruffle Tea Dress in Vintage Floral ($41, sale for $16) in my closet waiting for a DIY for a couple of months. It was definitely not my size, but it was on sale and I really loved the colors and print, so I decided to buy it anyway. Then I grabbed my sewing machine and had so much fun turning a simple swing dress with a wrap top into this cute button-through dress.

Follow along, because all you need to create this unique outfit is basic sewing skills and some cute buttons ;)

Materials and Tools:
  • old stretchy dress
  • needle and thread
  • fabric scissors
  • buttons
  • ruler
  • pins
  • sewing machine


1. Take a ruler and find the exact middle of your dress. Then draw a line height-wise from top to bottom.
2. Cut, following the line, but be sure to cut just the top layer of your dress.
3. Fold about one inch of fabric from the center of your dress, as shown below. Pin all along and sew.
4. Join the two edges, pin in place, and sew together.
5. Hand stitch six buttons, as shown below.

Before you start, be sure that your dress is quite loose or stretchy. Mine is from the maternity section on ASOS, so as you can easily guess, it was pretty baggy around the stomach, but for less then $10 I couldn’t resist! Once you find the (imp)perfect piece, take your ruler and find the exact middle of your dress, and use the tailor’s chalk to draw a line height-wise from top to bottom. Cut, following the line. Next, fold about one inch of fabric from the center of our dress, as shown above, and sew. Finally, sew the two open edges together and hand stitch six buttons all along the center of the dress. VoilĂ , you’re done!
We’re all about the simplicity of this colorful look. Such a perfect way to get ready for spring break!
by:Irene Fucci

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